Infinit Storage Platform

An open-source decentralized software-based storage platform for modern environments.

Schema of Infinit

Multiple applications, a single storage platform

Infinit's decentralized storage platform transforms commodity servers into multiple flexible, scalable, secure and fault-tolerant storage infrastructure tailored for your applications.


Infinit can be deployed anywhere: bare metal, virtual machines and containers alike, running on legacy appliances, commodity hardware or in the cloud. As a result, an enterprise can expect its total cost of ownership (TCO) to be lowered by 70+%.


Through command-line tools and APIs, developers and operators can deploy, manage and monitor multiple concurrent storage infrastructure, each with its own set of application-tailored properties: redundancy, encryption, compression etc.


Unlike master/slave architectures, Infinit's decentralized architecture allows for storage infrastructure to quickly scale out to thousands of nodes and petabytes of data while removing bottlenecks and single points of failure.

Self Healing

Infinit's fault tolerance mechanism is able to support failures of different nature, from crashes to more complex Byzantine behaviors. Following such events, data items may be re-created and/or re-balanced in order to maintain redundancy.

Multi Purpose

Every Infinit storage infrastructure can be accessed through several interfaces: iSCSI for block storage, AWS S3/OpenStack Swift for object storage and FUSE-like/NFS/SMB for file storage, the whole through a single distributed platform.


Infinit comes naturally bundled with advanced functionalities such as encryption, distributed caching, multi-site redundancy, provisioning, hyper-scaling/convergence and application tailoring through policy-based capabilities.

For developers and operators alike

Infinit provides both command-line tools, APIs and integrations into your favorite tools.


Deploy distributed storage infrastructure to meet your applications requirements: I/O, scalability, security, latency etc.

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Manage and monitor your storage infrastructure deployments through datacenter control planes such as Docker UCP.

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Infinit + Docker = ❤

The Infinit platform comes with several Docker integrations, from a Docker volume plugin to more cluster-based integrations at the Docker Swarm level, allowing for container migration and stateful application scaling.

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Ready to start?

Infinit can be used for free through its open source community version while enterprise licenses provide advanced functionalities — see pricing.


Follow the guide and deploy your first large-scale Infinit storage platform in less than 5 minutes.

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