A Mobile Beta, a New Site and a Fresh Windows App

From a mobile app to a site redesign and the truth about Techstars, it feels like February has been a month for makers, doers and thinkers.

Beta, beta, beta

This is the first time most of us have worked on a mobile application, but it’s been an incredibly enriching experience. As good startup folk, we try pretty hard to follow best practices in product development. When we started building Infinit on iOS, our V1 was a shell of an app that allowed testers to send files. Lucky for us, it was rare that the app crashed or bugged out completely.

We began testing with those of you who were available in the Paris area. Thanks again for stopping by for an apéro! Let’s do it again sometime. Armed with tens of tens of stacks of live test feedback, hundreds of comments by email and a better vision of what you expect from an Infinit app, we’re getting close to a full release. If you’re interested in giving the iOS app a shot, sign up here for the beta. Or if you’d like to receive an update for the first version of Infinit on Android, sign up here.

All platforms, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android for Infinit

What’s a Techstars?

Early last year, we had the privilege to attend one of the world’s most renowned programs for building a tech company. Techstars, a US-based accelerator program, opened the door for us to a network of investors and mentors that have helped guide our startup since.

But more than that, it was a unique and grueling bonding experience for our team. There were 8 of us back then; 10 if you include a girlfriend and a baby. We’ve documented our story for entrepreneurs curious about moving to the US or participating in a Techstars program in a 3-part series that starts here. Read the story now.

Techstars sunset roof in New York


Since we started working on a version of Infinit for Windows in mid-2014, we’ve been chasing our Mac version. For the last couple of months, we’ve been nipping at its heels, and now, we can finally say it’s up to par. Thursday last week marked the official launch of a full-featured Windows app.

In the last week alone, we’ve been able to increase the app’s speed by 250%, and add support for… drum roll please… changing the Download folder. By far the most requested feature in the last few months of 2014, it’s finally here. See what TheNextWeb is saying.

Infinit on windows main transfer in progress

infinit.io Redux

We haven’t just been working on mobile betas and Windows updates. Recently, our designer and web developer has been hard at work – harder than normal that is – building a new version of the Infinit website. With so many creatives from every corner of the world relying on Infinit to move around their data, we’ve decided to offer a more case-based explanation of our product and how it can be used. Let us know what you think of the redesign.

You said Ello

Last month we ran a Twitter contest through our newsletter offering up invitations to our new favorite social network. We’re happy to announce the winning tweeters! Congrats to Charlie, Drea, RG, Michael, Travis, Alex, Vaidotas and Jason!

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