Latest ClickFunnels Discount Coupon Code 2021 – 55% OFF

Latest Clickfunnels Discounts

Clickfunnels is a powerful tool that you can use to build high-converting sales funnels. This is one of the best sales funnel builder that has helped many marketers and entrepreneurs create highly-converting websites, landing pages, and offers. 

Clickfunnels Discount Codes are Click funnels’ way of giving back to the community by providing Clickfunnels users with free click funnels coupons codes that they can use for themselves or share with their friends!

In this article, you will explore various Clickfunnels discount offers, promo codes, and varieties of Clickfunnels programs that will allow you to get the best Clickfunnels pricing plans.

While some of the plans and offers mentioned below are specifically available for new users who haven’t tried Clickfunnels before, there are also some programs and discount codes that existing Clickfunnels users can avail. That means there’s something for everyone. So, keep reading!

Clickfunnels Discount Code Comparison

Clickfunnels Discounts Free Trial OFA Platinum Annual Plan
Free For 14 Days Get 6 Months Free Get 2 Months Free
Clickfunnels Funnel Builder tick tick tick
Email Follow-up System tick tick tick
Funnel Flex tick tick tick
DotCom Secrets Live cross tick cross
Expert Secrets Live cross tick cross
Traffic Secrets Live cross tick cross
30 Days Of Coaching cross tick cross
30 Days Exclusive & Ebooks cross tick cross
Daily Virtual Hackatons cross tick cross
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Latest Clickfunnels Discount and Special Offers

ClickFunnels Discount What You Get Price Promo Link
#1. OFA Platinum
One Funnel Away Platinum
  • Clickfunnels Platinum for 6 Months
  • Online Coaching for 30 Days
  • Exclusive Interviews & e-Books for 30 Days
  • Priority Service while Account Set Up
  • Expert Secrets Live
  • Dot Com Secrets Live
  • Traffic Secrets Live
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#2. Funnel Hacking Secrets Bundle
Funnel Hacking Secrets
  • Clickfunnels Platinum for 6 Months
  • Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass
  • Traffic Secrets Course
  • Virtual Hack-a-thon - Daily & Unlimited
  • Access to Unlimited Bonus
FREE Training
$997 Offer
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#3. ClickFunnels Annual Plans
Clickfunnels Annual Plan
  • 2 FREE Months of Clickfunnels (Standard or Platinum)
  • 100+ Funnel Templates
  • Live Online Support
  • Virtual Hack-a-Thons
  • FunnelFlix Access
$1,164 - $3,564
$997 - $2,997
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#4. ClickFunnels 14 Days FREE Trial
Clickfunnels 14 Days Free Trial
  • 14-Days Trial of Clickfunnels
  • Ad Skills
  • Product Secrets
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • Tony Robbins Private Collection
  • 100+ Funnel Templates
  • Funnel Hacker Forum
  • Book Funnels Templates
  • Webinar Funnels Templates
  • Product Launch Funnels Templates
  • High Ticket Funnels Templates
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#5. One Funnel Away Challenge
On Funnel Away Challenge
  • Online Coaching for 30 Days
  • Live Implementation Coaching for 30 Days
  • OnePager Digital Workbook
  • Entry to OFA Challenge Facebook Group for 30 Days
  • Big Breakthrough Trainings in Private Group
  • “30 Days” eBook by Two-Comma Club Winners
  • Access to “30 Day” Interview
  • “Two-Comma Club” Funnels - Behind the Scenes
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List of Clickfunnels Discount

Below is the list of Clickfunnels Discounts that are currently available, and you can take advantage of them. You can choose any of the mentioned discounts before they expire.

Clickfunnels Discount #1 – One Funnel Away Platinum

The One Funnel Away Platinum is not one of the best but the BEST CLICKFUNNELS DISCOUNT you can ever get. This OFA Platinum special bundle brings the best courses, perks, and of course, Clickfunnels Platinum at a very discounted price. 

This plan is absolutely for those who want to get the best out of Clickfunnels and is determined to bring a boost to their businesses. The OFA Platinum not only unlocks new possibilities for you but also gives you a life-changing experience.

One thing to note about this special bundle is, it is available at a discounted price of just $997 for a very limited time. So, anyone who is interested in this bundle is advised to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

What’s Included in One Funnel Away: Platinum

  1. Clickfunnels Platinum for 6 Months (Value: $1,782)
  2. Online Coaching for 30 Days (Value: $1,997)
  3. Exclusive Interviews & e-Books for 30 Days (Value: $197)
  4. Priority Service while Account Set Up (Value: $497)
  5. Expert Secrets Live (Value: $2,997)
  6. Dot Com Secrets Live (Value: $2,997)
  7. Traffic Secrets Live (Value: $2,997)
OFA Platinum
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Clickfunnels Discount #2 – Funnel Hacking Secrets

The Funnel Hacking Secrets is one of the most popular and highly chosen bundles that can save thousands of dollars. With this bundle, you get access to Clickfunnels Platinum plan for a huge discount along with some top-notch marketing training and bonuses.

As you already know, the Clickfunnels Platinum plan costs $297/month. So, if you’re planning to buy this plan alone for six months, it will cost you $1782. But with this bundle, you can get a massive discount of $785 along with 3 FREE TRAINING COURSES and one additional BONUS.

I know that sounds overwhelming! Let me break down everything for you so that you can see what actually you get at such a small price.

What’s Included in Funnel Hacking Secrets

  1. Clickfunnels Platinum for 6 Months (Value: $1,782)
  2. Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass (Value: $1,997)
    • Module 1: Funnel Hacking Secrets
    • Module 2: Lead Funnels (Guides & Templates)
    • Module 3: Unboxing Funnels (Guides & Templates)
    • Module 4: Presentation Funnels (Guides & Templates)
    • Module 5: Phone Funnels (Guides & Templates)
  1. Traffic Secrets Course (Value: $1,997)
    • Solo Ad Secrets
    • Media Buying Secrets
    • SEO Secrets
    • Affiliate Secrets
    • Facebook Traffic Secrets
    • Social Media Secrets
    • And many more things!
  1. Virtual Hack-a-thon – Daily & Unlimited (Value: $5,776)
    • Build your funnels by following step-by-step in virtual sessions by experts
    • Watch and Learn how to build varieties of funnels by experts
  1. Access to Unlimited Bonus (Value: ∞)
    • Create UNLIMITED Funnels instead of up 70 funnels/month
    • Get UNLIMITED CONTACTS instead of up to 20,000 contacts/month
    • Have UNLIMITED Monthly Visitors instead of up to 100,000 visitors/month
Funnel Hacking Secrets Discount Code
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Clickfunnels Discount #3 – Clickfunnels Annual Plan

The Clickfunnels Annual Plan is for those who want to stick with Clickfunnels for a long time without having to worry about monthly payments. With this plan, you can get 2 months of Clickfunnels for free. 

That means, if you buy the basic plan that costs $97/month for 12 months, you can get that at just $997/year, saving $194. On the other hand, if you purchase Clickfunnels Platinum for 12 months, that costs $297/month; you can get that at just $2970/year, saving $594.

In addition to this, you also get some bonuses mentioned below, all for free:

  • 100+ Funnel Templates
  • Live Online Support
  • Virtual Hack-a-Thons
  • FunnelFlix Access

The best part of this plan is that it is available for both new as well as existing customers. That means, if you’re new, you can start with the 14-day free trial, and then you can upgrade to an annual plan. On the other hand, if you’re an existing monthly user, you can upgrade your plan with this annual plan.

However, if you ask me, I really wouldn’t suggest this plan over the two others as they’re really highly beneficial. But the choice remains yours!

Clickfunnels Annual Plan Discount
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Clickfunnels Discount #4 – One Funnel Away Challenge Training

The One Funnel Away Challenge Training is like masterclass training for Clickfunnels. Although this bundle doesn’t include access to Clickfunnels, and you need to buy it separately, this bundle is highly recommended for learning and mastering purposes.

If you’re a beginner, you might not know how exactly to use Clickfunnels as it might look quite complicated for the first time. And there comes the role of OFA Challenge Training.

In this 30 day-long training, you will be learning everything you need to know before you launch your first funnel. All these will be explained online by experts in step-by-step tutorials. 

What’s Included in OFA Challenge Training

  1. Online Coaching for 30 Days (Value: $997)
  2. Live Implementation Coaching for 30 Days (Value: $997)
  3. OnePager Digital Workbook (Value: $247)
  4. Entry to OFA Challenge Facebook Group for 30 Days (Value: $97)
  5. Big Breakthrough Trainings in Private Group (Value: $297)
  6. “30 Days” eBook by Two-Comma Club Winners (Value: $97)
  7. Access to “30 Day” Interview (Value: $197)
  8. “Two-Comma Club” Funnels – Behind the Scenes (Value: $197)
One Funnel Away Challenge Discount
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Clickfunnels Discount #5 – 14 Days Free Trial Bonuses

As you know, if you want to get your hands on Clickfunnels, there’s nothing better than getting its 14-days free trial that will give access to Clickfunnels. But what if I say you get a few more bonuses in addition to the features you get in your Clickfunnels plan?

You get that right! There is an exclusive button right below through which you can get the 14-days free trial with additional bonuses. Below is the list of everything you get with this exclusive free trial.

What’s Included in Exclusive 14-Days Free Trial

  1. 14-Days Trial of Clickfunnels
  2. Ad Skills (Value: $498)
  3. Product Secrets (Value: $97)
  4. Funnel Builder Secrets (Value: $1,997)
  5. Tony Robbins Private Collection (Value: $997)
  6. 100+ Funnel Templates (Value: $1,997)
  7. Funnel Hacker Forum
  8. Book Funnels Templates
  9. Webinar Funnels Templates
  10. Product Launch Funnels Templates
  11. High Ticket Funnels Templates
Clickfunnels 14-Days Free Trial
Clickfunnels 14-Days Free Trial
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Clickfunnels 14-Days Free Trial

Expired Clickfunnels Discount Plans

Below is the list of Clickfunnels Discounts that were previously available to take but now expired. These were some of the best Clickfunnels offers and discounts that thousands of users have taken advantage of.

Clickfunnels Discount – The Share Funnel Plan

This was one of the most affordable Clickfunnels plans that costs just $19/month and gives access to Clickfunnels. With Share Funnel Plan, one could join Clickfunnels using anyone’s shared funnel. 

This plan gives you access to Clickfunnels with three funnels and ten pages for just $19/month. That was one of the biggest discounts that one could avail on Clickfunnels. 

However, this Share Funnel plan that costs $19/month is now DISCONTINUED and cannot be taken under any circumstances. But one thing to note here is that you could still join Clickfunnels using anyone’s shared funnel but you still have to start with at least the basic plan that costs $97/month.

So, for now, the best way to get your hands on Clickfunnels is the 14-days free trial that you can take right away!

Start Your 14-Day FREE Trial ➤

Clickfunnels Discount – Related Offers

Clickfunnels Offer #1 – Clickfunnels Platinum

Although it has been some time since the Clickfunnels Platinum has arrived, it is one of the most recent changes in the Clickfunnels pricing plans. Clickfunnels was launched with two plans – ClickFunnels Basic and Etison Suite. 

In the most recent updates to the pricing plans, Clickfunnels renamed the Etison Suite to Platinum. However, this change was more than just renaming the plan. It comes with some definitive changes that make this plan better than ever!

In case you’re not already familiar with what the Clickfunnels Platinum plan is, here is a short insight into that!

What is ClickFunnels Platinum?

Clickfunnels Platinum is a suite in Clickfunnels that has been designed explicitly for mid-to-high priced items with more excellent plans. This plan allows you to utilize the full potential of ClickFunnels by giving you access to all funnels, pages, and features that come with Clickfunnels in one place.

The Etison Suite comes with two most advanced features – Backpack and Actionetics. And now, the Platinum plan still has both features. The Actionetics has been renamed as Follow-Up Funnels and is still included in the plan. 

Apart from this, the limit of features like Custom Domain, Payment Gateways, etc., has been increased by 3x the limit in the basic plan.

Clickfunnels Platinum Pricing

Although the name and some of the features of the plan have been changed, the price of the Clickfunnels Platinum plan still remains the same. As of now, the Clickfunnels Platinum costs $297/month, which gives you everything included in the plan.

Features of ClickFunnels Platinum

Below are some special features of Clickfunnels Platinum that make it a worth shot to take!

Daily Virtual Hackathons

It comes with a special feature called Daily Virtual Hackathon. It is all about taking action! In this hackathon, you will get the chance to test your creativity and use it for boosting click-throughs. All of these click-throughs might lead to conversions that can help in increasing sales by multiple times!

Funnel Flix

Funnel Flix is another excellent feature that comes with Site Build It. This click-capture technology shows you how to set up your marketing funnels in the most effective way possible!

Funnel Hacker Forum

You’ll be able to communicate with entrepreneurs with similar ideas, share knowledge, and discuss various topics with other users of the platform. The forum may be found on the FunnelFlix website, where you can join in the conversation.

Is ClickFunnels Platinum Worth the Price You Pay?

Well, that’s entirely up to you. If you’re a beginner who is starting out in an online business, Clickfunnels wouldn’t be an ideal plan for you to start with. So, you could start with the basic plan and upgrade it to Platinum when you need to do so.

However, if you’re someone experienced or already have a good knowledge of sales funnels, the Clickfunnels Platinum is worth every penny you invest! So, it all depends on your requirements.

But still, if you want to get your hands on Clickfunnels Platinum before you actually pay for it, the Clickfunnels 14-Days Free Trial is your best bet to go with. After all, you can try all of its features before spending a single penny! So, it’s really worth taking!

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Clickfunnels Offer #2 – Clickfunnels Christmas Special Offer

This is a one-time special offer from Clickfunnels that comes once a year at Christmas. It is one of the best offers that you can get from Clickfunnels.

Under this special offer, you get many things under a single bundle that comes available at just a fraction of the price of the entire bundle’s cost. Below are the things you get under this special discount bundle.

What’s Included in Clickfunnels Christmas Special Offer

1. OFA Challenge Kit (Value: $997)

  • A power-packed physical MP3 player
  • Two Comma Club Coaching
  • 30-Days Challenge Book
  • OFA Challenge Workbook

2. Online Training – 30 Days (Value: $1997)

This online training program is led by the mastermind behind Clickfunnels – Russell Brunson. In this program, you will be learning from scratch on how to set up and launch your first sales funnel that will grow your business effectively.

You will be taught everything you need to know to get your first funnel running. The training will be a step-by-step guide so that you can better understand what you need to do and how to execute them.

In addition to that, you will be given access to a private Facebook group of entrepreneurs and business owners who have made millions of dollars using sales funnels. There you can interact with them and increase your funnel knowledge.

3. Clickfunnels Platinum – 12 Months

In addition to the offers mentioned above, you will also get access to 12 months of Clickfunnels Platinum worth $3,564 that will be included in the same bundle. With this plan, you will be able to make unlimited funnels, contacts, and many things.

4. Virtual Hackathons

During these Virtual Hackathons, you will discuss and learn how to make high-converting funnels. This is such an excellent and worthy experience!

5. Special Onboarding Service

With this offer, you will get an exceptional onboarding service that means experts will guide you in setting up your account to make sure your funnels perform really well.

6. Funnel Flix

As its name suggests, it is like a Netflix but with guides and tutorials for funnels only. It has a massive library of videos related to funnels. So, you can learn and improve your funnel strategies by watching these videos.

7. Bonus

In addition to all the offers mentioned above, you also get some exclusive bonuses in this special discount bundle as listed below:

  • Expert Secrets Live (Value: $2,997)
  • DotCom Secrets Live (Value: $2,997)
  • Traffic Secrets Live (Value: $2,997)
Get this Exclusive Clickfunnels Christmas Offer ➤

Clickfunnels Offer #3 – DotCom Secrets Book

DotCom Secrets Book is a self-help book written by Russell Brunson. The DotCom Secrets Book provides tips for marketing to make money online. Russell Brunson offers advice like “Tweet, tweet, tweet” to social media marketers that are just getting started.

To cater to customers that are already into internet marketing, the book presents “insider secrets” for webinars and email newsletters. The DotCom Secrets Book is known to be an excellent book for marketers who are just starting with internet marketing.

The online business industry has also made a significant impact on aspiring entrepreneurs who would not have considered the idea of starting a business without the internet.

In an attempt to learn more about how businesses work from top marketers, entrepreneurs can purchase DotCom Secrets Book so they would have access to proven online marketing strategies, which are explored in the book.

The author of this book is known for being creative with his knowledge of web design and branding, which he later used to help other entrepreneurs grow their own businesses.

The DotCom Secrets Book is a #1 New York Times Best-selling book and also featured as a top 10 best-seller in the Wall Street Journal under the computer books category.

The book features Russell’s personal story on how he started his own business with just $37.00. In this book, the author also shares the steps he took to market his business as well as how to launch a product and create a successful digital marketing campaign.

Why Do We Need DotCom Secrets?

With DotCom Secrets Book, readers can find out how to make money in this generation of technology. The book offers information on social media marketing and webinars that can help entrepreneurs make money online. 

According to the author, there are different tricks and tips for each method of marketing. Of course, he also shares how he learned these secrets for free.

“Everybody has at least one business idea in his head, but not all entrepreneurs act on it,” says Russell Brunson. He adds that some people might have an interest yet fail to start. These people lack entrepreneurship skills and strategies that will help them succeed in their venture.

The DotCom Secrets Book project started with Russell Brunson analyzing the mistakes made by many businesses which led to their failure. He takes his analysis further by testing different marketing techniques, which he later uses in his own business called ClickFunnels. After learning about the results of his testing, he shares his knowledge in this book.

The author wanted to change the perspective of many people when it comes to internet marketing. Contrary to popular belief that you might need expensive software or tools to sell products online, Russell Brunson emphasizes that there are different ways to market your business online without investing too much money.

Since internet marketing is constantly changing, there are also new strategies that you can experiment with to help your business succeed in the long run.

What Can You Learn from The DotCom Secrets Book?

The DotCom Secrets Book provides everything a beginner needs to know about internet marketing and entrepreneurship. Some of the topics discussed in this book include:

  • The different marketing methods – From social media to email campaigns, the book provides readers with information on how to market their business online.
  • How to build your own brand – Experts can help you create a better website for your business, but it also takes time and practice for you to establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • And many more!
Click Here to Get DotCom Secrets ➤

Clickfunnels Offer #4 – Expert Secrets Book

Expert Secrets Book is a book written by Russell Brunson. It is designed to help people take their business online and build it so that it becomes an authority in its field. The book has been published in paperback and ebook form.

It is a twenty-eight-page book that starts out by informing the reader about how the need for expert secrets came into existence. The book then goes on to introduce the reader to several case studies that feature people who have transformed their lives and businesses using expert secrets.

Russell Brunson uses these examples in order to show readers what is possible for them if they apply the principles of the Expert Secrets Book. The final parts of the book are where the author introduces the concept of the Expert Secrets Book and explains how it is meant to help people.

Russell Brunson also provides the reader with access to his digital eBook Dotcomsecrets X in order to emphasize the importance of this book in his program. 

The Expert Secrets book also comes with a bonus offer for those who purchase it. The bonus is that the reader gets to have access to a digital download file called Dotcomsecrets X.

Click Here to Get Expert Secrets Book ➤

Clickfunnels Offer #5 – Network Marketing Secrets

Network marketing is the act of selling products to people in your network. It is a business model where you do not sell the product, but recruit others to do it for you. Network marketers typically sell health, beauty, or lifestyle products through their network.

The Network Marketing Secrets Book is one of the best books on network marketing that you can get for free just by paying the shipping fee. The book contains essential information on how to become a successful network marketer. It is written in straightforward English that everyone can understand.

This book basically teaches the modern MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) strategies people use to achieve financial freedom. Even if you have no prior knowledge or experience in network marketing before, you can still build a successful business by implementing these strategies.

The first part of the book features important information on choosing the right company for your business. It also includes information that will help you find remote customers and how to sell to them. This book reveals the secrets of how you can build your network and achieve financial freedom simply by sharing products.

The second part of the book contains essential information about what you should include in your product, including its price tag and how it can be shared with people. The author teaches you success strategies such as recruiting members and expanding your business. 

It also features information on how to excel in your business by building relationships with customers, creating products that you can be proud of, and establishing trust among people.

The book’s third part includes detailed strategies for overcoming the obstacles in your network marketing career, like lack of support from friends and family members, negative feedback from customers or leads, and marketing problems.

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Conclusion – Clickfunnels Discounts

As you already know, Clickfunnels is an easy-to-use sales funnel builder that allows you to create highly effective and converting sales funnels. In addition to building just sales funnels, you can also execute many different marketing strategies and campaigns. 

While Clickfunnels appears to be somewhat expensive to many people, these Clickfunnels discounts mentioned above can make your onboarding affordable and rewarding. 

Choose from the above discounts and coupon codes or just begin with the Clickfunnels 14-Days Free Trial and explore the potential of this software at its best! Try it today!

ClickFunnels – Free Trial

ClickFunnels is one of the most powerful sales funnel builders used by millions of entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe. Grab the exclusive 14 days free trial of ClickFunnels and explore its powerful features at its best.

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clickfunnels cta

Clickfunnels Discount – Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is ClickFunnels legitimate?

Ans: Yes, ClickFunnels is legitimate. It’s a marketing automation tool company that provides various sorts of funnels for your needs. This includes opt-in forms, virtual goods, and digital products you can sell, and membership websites and emails, which you can use to create subscribers lists.

Ques: Is ClickFunnels free?

Ans: No, ClickFunnels offers a 14-day trial period. However, you have to pay $97/month after the trial if you want to use their tools and features.

Ques: Is it possible to Cancel Clickfunnels?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to Cancel ClickFunnels. There are two ways you can do this; either by calling them at 1-888-411-0243 or through your account page, which you’ll be able to access once logged in.

Ques: Is there a way to downgrade my Clickfunnels Account?

Ans: Yes, there’s a way to downgrade your ClickFunnels Account. You can do this by calling them at 1-888-411-0243 or through your account page, which you’ll be able to access once logged in.

Ques: What are the steps to Cancel ClickFunnels Subscription?

Ans: There are two steps in canceling your ClickFunnels Subscription. First, log in to your Clickfunnels account and click on the user icon (Click ‘My Account, and you’ll be directed to the screen below). Then choose ‘Membership.’ Now, choose the subscription plan you would like to cancel and click on ‘Cancel.’