Clickfunnels Review 2021 – Legit or Overrated?

Clickfunnels Review - Legit or Overrrated

Clickfunnels is one of the most popular sales funnel builders that have been in the industry for a long time. It is an all-rounder marketing tool that helps businesses convert their leads into customers and increase sales without much effort. 

It’s an easy-to-use software that allows you to create professional-looking landing pages and sales funnels in minutes. The best part? You don’t need to be tech-savvy or need any coding knowledge to use this software. So, anyone who wants to boost their online sales by increasing their conversion rate can use Clickfunnels with ease.

But, there’s been some controversy about the legitimacy of this product. Some people say it’s too expensive and not worth the price tag, while others claim it’s an overrated product with no real benefits for your business. So, is Clickfunnels legit? Is Clickfunnels worth the price you pay?

Well, as someone who has actually used this software for years, I’ll be making everything clear and precise in this Clickfunnels review. I’ll be starting from the very basics to everything you need to know about Clickfunnels, covering its ups and downs. By the end of this review, you’ll be very clear on whether you should give Clickfunnels a shot or not. So, let’s begin with the basics!

What is Clickfunnels

Sales Funnel Stages Clickfunnels Review

As mentioned above, Clickfunnels is one of the most popular sales funnel-building software created by Russel Brunson in 2014. This tool has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners around the world scale their businesses by converting targetted leads into paying customers. 

The thing that makes Clickfunnels unique and more dominating than its competitors is that it has everything you need to lure visitors, pass them through a multi-stage buyer’s journey and end up making them a customer. 

And one of the best parts of Clickfunnels is, it only needs your one-time efforts (at least when you know what you’re doing), and it can process everything you did automatically. That means your sales funnels will keep grabbing your leads and making them into customers 24×7, no matter what the time is or what other things you’re doing. Interesting, isn’t it?

Is Clickfunnels Legit?

Being one of the widely used sales funnels building software, everyone has their own story for Clickfunnels. And as you know, not every story will be the same; there are thousands of different questions out there like, Is Clickfunnels legit? Is it overrated? Or something like that.

As a reader or someone who wants to give this software a try, all these questions can be really confusing. But let me say there are tons of inaccurate information related to Clickfunnels, whether in support or against it. 

Some people have really seen a great hike in their business after using Clickfunnels. On the other hand, a few also ended up burning this hard-earned money in vain. As I said, everyone has their own story for that. 

So, what’s the true face of Clickfunnels?

Well, you must agree on this point with me is Clickfunnels is nothing but a tool or, what we say, a piece of software, right? It can only benefit those who know how and when to use it. To be precise, Clickfunnels can only work for those who know their requirements and how to feed them by harnessing the power of Clickfunnels.

So, if you’re only sure about your needs, you can only take advantage of this software. But for that also, you need to know every single aspect of Clickfunnels to decide whether it suits your requirements or not. So, please keep reading to the end to know all its features, ups and downs, usage, and many more.

Difference Between a Sales Funnel and a Website

While reading through all of this, you might have got this question – What’s the difference between a sales funnel and a website? After all, a sales funnel is also built on a website.

When you’ve got a website for your business, it’s easy to sell something from there. And in many cases, a website is a bunch of pages filled with the company’s details and all. But the thing is, even if people visit your site and want to buy something from you, they may not make a purchase right away. 

In most cases, they’ll probably come back later on after thinking about what they have to gain by making a purchase from you. That’s why having a sales funnel in place is important for businesses that have websites. It helps to get interested parties from your website and turn them into actual customers by taking them through a multi-stage process. 

In this way, the conversion rate increases, turning into an increase in sales and profit. In addition to that, the sales funnel also increases the people’s trust making them loyal and long-paying customers. This way, your brand or business’ reach eventually increases making your business stand out from the competition.

Why Use a Sales Funnel?

Well, now you know what Clickfunnels is and whether it is legit or not. Now, the question that arises is why exactly do we need to use a sales funnel? I mean, there are many other ways to grab leads, like running ads campaigns and all. So, why sales funnels?

So, let’s understand this thing from the image of a sales funnel. As you can see above, a sales funnel looks like an inverted pyramid or like a filter cup. It does exactly what it looks like; filtering targeted leads from all your visitors. 

Your visitors sails through the different stages of your funnel. As they dive deeper into your funnel, they are more likely to become your customer. And at the end, you get only those targeted leads who are actually interested in your service or product.

With sales funnels, you keep your target customers interested in your product or service, try to nurture them, make a good relationship with them that builds trust in your business. And once they feel confident about your business, they are more likely to purchase your products or services.

And that’s what makes the sales funnel useful and different from any other marketing approach!

How Does Clickfunnels Work?

how clickfunnels work

As mentioned above, Clickfunnels is an easy-to-use sales funnel building software that allows you to build highly converting and effective sales funnels quickly. 

Before the arrival of funnel builders like Clickfunnels, businesses used to build sales funnels with the help of high-qualified and experienced marketers who used to build and connect each sales page from scratch. 

Now it’s totally different. Anyone with some initial guidance or tutorials (mostly available on the company’s knowledge base) can build effective funnels. 

With Clickfunnels, anyone can build high-converting sales funnels following the steps given below:

  • Building landing pages using the landing page builder
  • Adding lead magnets
  • Linking leads with the email list
  • Automating the campaign to deliver more offers
  • Using funnel templates to make drip campaigns
  • Integrating payment gateways
  • Delivering the product or services
  • Follow-up to improve services and build a relationship

Well, all these things might be quite tricky to understand for you at this moment, and I do understand that and so do the makers of Clickfunnels. They have a huge library of tutorials and guides to assist you at every stage of the funnel-building process. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

In simple words, Clickfunnels has everything you need to help your visitors sail through different sales process stages and ultimately make them paying customers. You just have to give your efforts once and for all; Clickfunnels will handle the rest!

Sounds good? Let’s move along to its features….

Clickfunnels Features

Clickfunnels features

Being one of the most powerful sales funnel builders, Clickfunnels is full of amazing features. It is a complete package loaded with all the tools you need for your marketing as well as funnel creation. 

Let’s see each of them one by one to get familiar with this software.

1. User Interface

Well, I’ll start the discussion with its interface. It is a simple and interactive platform that has been designed in such a way that anyone can use it perfectly.

Despite being one of the most powerful software loaded with different types of tools, it has a very clean and easy-to-use interface. Anyone who has some web surfing experience can easily use this tool with no problem at all.

Clickfunnels comes packed with an easy-to-use customization tool that allows users to build highly converting sales funnels without any coding or programming knowledge! Yes, it means you will be able to create funnels even if you are a beginner.

Besides this, it has been designed in such a way that each of its functions can be used to perfection without any need for technical knowledge of coding.

2. Funnel Builder

Clickfunnels Funnel Builder

This is the core feature for which Clickfunnels is known. That’s what this software primarily does – building different types of funnels. 

Clickfunnels allows you to quickly build your sales funnels with minimum to no experience at all. It is packed with everything you need to make the best working sales funnels, even if you’re a beginner. To use it, you just have to add elements from its library and customize them as per your requirement.

You can start making your funnel from scratch by adding text boxes, images, videos, and buttons to your landing page and customizing them by changing font styles, colors, layouts, and other things. You can even effectively edit images by adding actions such as text on pictures, zoom in and out effects, etc., to make them more compelling and increase CTR (Click Through Rate).

The thing that I like the most about Clickfunnels is, it guides you through all the steps starting from beginning to end in making your sales funnel. This makes building your funnel so easy, especially if you’re someone who has never built a funnel before.

3. Drag-And-Drop Landing Page Builder


The drag-and-drop landing page builder is another key feature of Clickfunnels. It comes packed with an easy drag and drop editor tool that lets you build high converting and interactive landing pages for your campaign in no time at all.

Using this tool, you can create professional-looking landing pages quite easily with no coding experience at all. This gives entrepreneurs and business owners the freedom to build their own landing pages the way they want them to be with no experience.

And in case, if you have some confidence issues related to the looks of your landing pages, like me, for some time, you can always take advantage of pre-made templates that are known for their high quality and can be used straight away.

Besides this, you can even use text fields, videos, images, buttons, etc., to market your products or services in an easy way. Besides this, you can also create clickable buttons, quizzes, surveys, etc., to make your landing pages more attractive and interactive.

4. Funnel Templates

Clickfunnels Funnel Templates

Clickfunnels comes with a wide range of pre-made templates that you can use for your campaign. It has a library filled with hundreds of different types of templates that give you a head start when it comes to building landing pages for many different types of campaigns, from affiliate marketing to e-commerce sites.

These templates are tested and created by professionals, which means you can trust them. You don’t have to waste your time on creating a landing page from scratch, as it saves both your money and time in the long run.

Clickfunnels has over 80 professionally designed funnel templates that will help you attract more leads, boost conversions, capture email addresses, etc., with ease. In addition to this, Clickfunnels also gives you the option of making your own custom templates.

5. One-Click Upsells and Downsells

Clickfunnels One-Click Upsell and Downsell

This is a special feature that Clickfunnels offers. It allows you to create a one-click upsell or downsell in your sales funnel, which will definitely increase the number of leads and improve conversions.

It comes with upsell page templates, where you can add product images, videos, text boxes, etc., to promote your products/services effectively. You can even add buttons and custom-designed boxes to your upsell page, just like you do on a standard landing page that allows customers to purchase products or services from the same funnel.

The good thing about using this feature is, it offers you multiple ways to present your offer, such as pop-ups, bars, etc., so it becomes easy for customers to click on your sales offers and quickly buy them.

6. Follow-Up Funnels

Clickfunnels Follow-Up Funnels

Another key feature of Clickfunnels is that it helps you build a relationship with customers to bring them back to your site. With this feature, you can set up multi-step funnels that help customers in different stages and increase conversions in the long run.

You can create a separate funnel to retain customers and give them more value with a follow-up funnel. You can use this feature to offer custom-designed upsells, downsells, or even bundles that will certainly bring your customers back.

It comes packed with an effective marketing automation tool that allows you to create automated email sequences for different stages of sales funnels. It also allows you to create custom lead capture forms which are very important for any e-commerce site or affiliate marketing campaign.

7. A/B Testing

Clickfunnels AB Testing

Clickfunnels is packed with a powerful A/B testing feature that lets you compare the results of two different versions of your landing pages to get the best converting one. For me, I usually take advantage of A/B testing, comparing different templates to find the one that suits them best for my campaign.

It does this by creating multiple variations of your page, which are then shown to visitors in an A/B testing environment. You can either choose between existing templates or create new ones with Clickfunnels. For me, I usually take advantage of A/B testing, comparing different templates to find the one that suits the best for my campaign.

This special feature will enable you to test all kinds of factors, such as headlines, subheads, images, buttons, text boxes, etc., of your landing pages to generate more leads and increase conversions. It’s a helpful tool that even amateurs can use easily without any problems.

8. Opt-in Forms

Clickfunnels Optin Pages

It has custom-designed opt-in forms, which come with plenty of customization options. It also has pre-built lead capture funnels for different webinar-based campaigns, product launches, etc. So you don’t have to start from scratch and can just use the pre-built stuff without any problems.

You can even create completely new funnels if you are an advanced marketer who wants to build his own custom opt-in forms according to his site theme. It also lets you integrate your existing lead capture forms with it so that merchants can easily promote their products/services.

9. Order Forms

Clickfunnels Order Forms

Clickfunnels also comes with full-featured order forms that can be customized according to your needs. You can not only set up the payment type (single item, monthly subscription, etc.), but you can even use custom fields if you want to gather more information about your customers, such as their job titles, company names, etc.

With Clickfunnels, you can create what is known as “tripwires” – or low-priced products that encourage visitors to purchase a more expensive product or service in order to get the tripwire. You can even set a time limit for these tripwires to expire, encouraging customers to take action before losing out on a limited-time offer.

10. Email List Builder

With Clickfunnels, you can integrate all your existing email marketing services (like Aweber) into it to send automated emails that nurture leads. It also comes with an expertly designed email autoresponder that lets you create custom email campaigns for different sales funnel stages.

It lets you send out automated emails for welcome series, product launch emails, etc. It also displays clickable images of your products that help customers to narrow down their search and give you more conversions.

11. Email Broadcast

Clickfunnels Email Broadcast

With Clickfunnels, you can send custom broadcasts to unlimited email contacts and also schedule them whenever you want. You can include links and images in each of your emails which will automatically be tracked by Clickfunnels. This way, you can monitor the performance of different campaigns quite easily and improve their ROI.

12. Membership Sites

Clickfunnels Membership Sites

Creating membership sites is also one of the things that you can do with Clickfunnels. It lets you add content such as text, images, videos, opt-ins, etc., to create a website where visitors can get access to premium information and content by making a payment.

It has an entire section dedicated to membership sites which lets you create beautiful sites with all kinds of powerful functionality. It comes with lots of pre-built templates that are responsive and mobile-friendly, so your site will look great on any kind of device.

You can choose from different page layouts, integrations, etc., according to your needs. Moreover, it has a mobile app that lets members access the site on the go, wherever they are.

13. Sales Analytics

Clickfunnels Sales Analytics

Clickfunnels can also track different sales metrics such as click-through rate, number of conversions, etc. It displays these in a user-friendly interface which you can access from anywhere at any time. This helps you to optimize your sales funnels and increase conversions.

14. SMS Notifications

Clickfunnels also comes with a powerful SMS notification feature that lets you set an alert for any kind of custom action. You can send automated SMS notifications to your customers through this feature and remind them about anything that is important to your business.

You can use it to inform subscribers about new product launches, upcoming webinars, discount campaigns, etc. It is really helpful for promoting businesses on a large scale.

15. Sticky Cookies

Clickfunnels lets you set “Sticky Cookies,” which are basically cookies that remain in the visitor’s browser for a certain period of time. You can use this feature for retargeting visitors with special offers or getting them back on your website again.

This “Sticky Cookies” feature is really helpful if you’re running an affiliate program. With the help of this, you can track the affiliate links and their actions and reward your affiliates on every successful purchase.

16. Sub-Users

When you create a Clickfunnels account, you become the main admin and fully access its features. If you want your employees or other people in your company to access all of your account’s information and functionalities, you can add them as sub-users by simply sharing an invite link with them.

Clickfunnels has a very flexible permission level feature that lets you choose what kind of actions can be performed by these sub-users. You can give full or partial access to your account according to the type of work they have to do for you.

17. Payment Gateways Integration

If you want to start an online business, one of the things that you will need is a payment gateway. Payment gateways help you accept payments from your customers and process them easily.

Clickfunnels comes with various pre-built integrations such as Paypal and Stripe that let you set up payment gateways on your website quickly and efficiently. However, it limits the number of integrations of payment gateways as per its different pricing plans.

A Few Other Interesting Clickfunnels Features

While the key features of Clickfunnels are already mentioned above, there are also some bonus features (discussed below), or I’d say interesting features that level up this software’s game.

1. Backpack: ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels Backpack

If you are making use of Clickfunnels, you can start your own affiliate program by using the Backpack feature. It is particularly helpful for affiliates and marketers who want to make a profit from their existing customer base.

It lets you create an entire affiliate system on the back-end that lets your affiliates manage their campaigns easily. You can give your affiliates personalized links, banners, email copies, etc., to promote your products or services, and they can track their commissions by using this link.

This is a very powerful yet easy affiliate program that lets you control different aspects of the system easily. For example, you can set up payouts or commission rates for various actions taken by your affiliates.

2. Share Funnels

This is one of my favorite bonus features out of these three. As its name suggests, Share Funnels allows you to share your entire funnel with anyone who is using Clickfunnels. They can simply duplicate your funnel and use them easily without any issues at all.

Top-marketers usually share their funnels with their followers and fans to make use of them and bring a boost to their business. Anyone can take advantage of this feature by searching for the funnel-like webinar funnel and duplicating the entire funnel in one go!

Like others, you can also share your funnels. If someone visits a funnel that you have shared, they will be directed to a thank-you page where they can enter their email address to subscribe to your list. This way, they will be added to your subscriber’s list, and you can work on building a relationship with them by sending automated emails.

3. ClickFunnels Actionetics: Lead Tracker

Clickfunnels Actionetics

Actionetics is an awesome feature of Clickfunnels, which lets you add powerful email automation to your funnels. It can be used to set up automated email campaigns and create a communication channel with your target customers.

With the help of this feature, you can send tailored messages that best suit the requirements of each customer and help in creating a long-lasting relationship.

Woof! It was a long list of features, wasn’t it? Deep down, all these features are the reason that makes Clickfunnels a powerful inbound marketing tool.

Clickfunnels Integrations – Third-Party Integrations & Apps

Clickfunnels Integrations

One thing that adds a feather to the cap for Clickfunnels is its huge list of third-party integrations & apps. These integrations expand the capabilities of Clickfunnels. However, you need to have a subscription (if any) for all the apps or services you integrate, which will not be a part of Clickfunnels pricing.

Here’s the list of Clickfunnels third-party integrations:

  • Constant Contact
  • SlyBroadcast
  • Facebook
  • Twilio SMS
  • Shopify
  • WebinarFuel
  • Market Hero
  • Aweber
  • Avalara
  • GetResponse
  • Active Campaign
  • InfusionSoft
  • Ontraport
  • Salesforce
  • YouZign
  • Interspire
  • WebhoopApi
  • Mailchimp
  • OfficeAutopilotTagging
  • HTML Form
  • HubSpot
  • Drip
  • ZenDirect
  • PushCrew
  • ShipStation
  • EverWebinar
  • ConvertKit
  • Sendlane
  • GoToWebinar
  • Mad Mini
  • Kajabi
  • Zoom
  • WebinarJam
  • Maropost

Adding these integrations is super easy. You can add them directly from your Clickfunnels Dashboard by clicking on a button named ADD NEW INTEGRATION. I won’t say I have used all of them, but yes, depending on my requirements, I have used a few, and they ran smoothly without any problem. 

So, you can integrate the ones that you need and take advantage of them in your Clickfunnels campaigns.

How to Use ClickFunnels

To be honest, I have added like a dozen times that Clickfunnels is very easy-to-use, and trust me, I mean it! But like any new software, you should know how to begin, at least setting up your first funnel. 

Talking about myself, I was too confused initially when I got my hands on Clickfunnels for the first time. Like I mentioned before, everything on Clickfunnels is super easy, starting from setting up your funnels, building landing pages, email responders, etc.

But there’s one thing that you need to LEARN – setting everything all together to grow your business. And trust me, this is not as easy as we think!

And so, here I’m sharing the basic guide to get you started with Clickfunnels. This way, you can at least begin your journey on the right track and then experiment with the tools throughout your way. So, let’s go!

Get Started with Clickfunnels – Clickfunnels Roadmap

Like everything, getting started with Clickfunnels is straightforward. All you need to do is to visit and begin your 14-days free trial. This way, you can explore the features of Clickfunnels risk-free without costing a penny.

The next thing you need to do is to Create Your Account by filling up your name, email, and password. 

You will be redirected to the payment page, where you need to enter your credit card details (of course, you won’t be charged). Once done, you will have access to Clickfunnels for 14-days!

Clickfunnels Free Trial

Note: After the 14-days free trial, your card will be automatically charged with the amount equivalent to the premium plan. However, you can cancel the trial before it expires if you don’t want to continue with Clickfunnels.

Once you’ve signed up successfully, it’s time to log in and access Clickfunnels. Once you log in, you will be taken to the Clickfunnels Dashboard. You will see a checklist on your dashboard that you must complete building your first funnel for the first time. In addition to that, you’ll also see a quick tutorial that will help you get familiar with the basics of Clickfunnels.

If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend watching the tutorial to feel comfortable with the software. Once you’re done, it’s time to build your first sales funnel.

How to Set Up Your First Sales Funnel

Wait! Before we begin the journey of setting up your first sales funnel, it’s important to understand how a sales funnel works. I won’t dive deeper into it, but it’s important to get yourself aware of this to know what actually happens.

AIDA – The Four Stages of a Sales Funnel

  1. Awareness: This is where a prospect becomes aware of the existence of your product or service. For instance, if you’re selling dog leashes, then the awareness stage will occur when they search for dog leashes online and find your website or ads.
  2. Interest: Once they recognize that there are several options out there, their interest level increases, and they start to compare all the options available. This is where you get their email address or phone number. You can use these details to reach out to them to deliver more details related to their interest.
  3. Desire: Now, this is where they get interested in your product or service; however, their desire for it increases even more. Interest will eventually lead to the desired stage when you deliver them with all relevant information related to your product/service so that they can make a well-informed purchasing decision.
  4. Action: Finally, if you provide an effective call-to-action during this stage, then you’re most likely to make an impact on the action that they take.. Whether it’s subscribing to your email list, buying the product, etc. This is where you actually make a sale.

Setting Up Your Sales Funnel

Setting Up a Sales Funnel in Clickfunnels

Finally, we’ve arrived at the stage where we will actually begin setting your first sales funnel. And like always, it’s quite easy!

Step 1: Choose Mode

The first that you will come across is mode selection. There are two modes in Clickfunnels: Classic and Cookbook.

As the name suggests, the Classic mode is more advanced, where you will begin creating your funnels from scratch (not ultimately). Here you have to choose from different options and tools from the store and make your funnel.

On the other hand, the Cookbook mode is a ready-to-use mode where you can choose from the pre-built funnels and launch them directly. Below is the quick start guide for both of them.

1. Clickfunnels Classic Mode

For classic mode, start by selecting your Goal (Host Webinar, Sell Your Product, Collect Emails) from the drop-down menu. Next, choose the Type and click on the Build Funnel button.

Next, you will be given to choose templates for each of the pages you want to add to your funnel. Once selected, you can customize each page in the way you want to be using the editor.

2. Clickfunnels Cookbook Mode

If you’re a beginner, I’d highly recommend you to go with these pre-build funnel templates made by experts. Just follow the given steps, and you will be good to go!

  • Click on The Funnel Cookbook
  • Now, select your desired Industry for your funnel.
  • Choose the Funnel Type from the given options.
  • Choose your Goal like mentioned above.
  • Click on Template Suggestions
  • Choose your Template from Free or Paid options.

Lastly, Purchase or Download your pre-build template.

Step 2: Add Integrations/Customizations

Once you’re done with the above steps, it’s time to add integrations or customizations that will add more features to your sales funnel. In general, you can add the integrations like:

  • A custom domain
  • Email marketing
  • Payment gateway

Step 3: Adding Content, Products

Now, 80% of your sales funnel is ready! The only thing that you’re left to do is to add content and products with pricing to the pages. You can easily do that by navigating to the pages one by one and replacing the dummy text with yours!

Once done, your sales funnel will be ready to go! Wasn’t that easy? I told you!

Well, that was just the basic overview of Clickfunnels, but it does show how easy it is to use, even with no prior knowledge at all. Now, you can level up your game by experimenting with some other features like A/B testing, upsell and downsell, etc. That’s completely up to you!

Clickfunnels Pricing – Is Clickfunnels Worth the Price?


Now that you’ve seen how powerful and effective this software is, it’s time to know is it even worth the price you pay?

No doubt, Clickfunnels is quite expensive, with its basic plan starting from around $100 a month. Considering the features and flexibility, it offers to build a high-converting sales funnel that boosts your business continuously, the price is quite justified.

Since every business has some different levels of requirements, Clickfunnels also has three different pricing plans to suit everyone’s needs. Let’s see each of them one by one to know what things you get in each plan.

In general, there are only two plans that you can choose from and start your Clickfunnels journey – Basic and Platinum. Best Part? You can take a 14-days free trial of any plan before you actually begin paying for Clickfunnels.

1. Clickfunnels Basic Plan – $97/month

This is the basic plan of Clickfunnels that brings most of its features but with limited usage. Here’s everything that you get with this plan:

  • A/B Testing
  • 20 Sales Funnels
  • 100 Funnel Pages
  • 20,000 visitors
  • 1 Sub-User
  • 3 Custom Domains
  • 3 Payment Gateways
  • Upsell/Downsell
  • Varieties of Funnels
  • Varieties of Integrations
  • Funnel Flix

This basic plan is the best match for small businesses or new entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journey. However, the only thing that might be a problem at a later stage is the 20K limit on visitors. This is because, once you keep growing at a faster rate, you will eventually feel that 20K visitors is not enough. 

And that’s the point where you might want to upgrade to the Platinum plan that unlocks all these limitations for you.

2. Clickfunnels Platinum Plan – $297/month

The platinum plan covers everything included in the basic plan but with some upgrades and new features that are mentioned below:

  • Unlimited Funnels, Pages, and Visitors
  • Unlimited Follow-Up Funnels
  • 3 Sub-Users
  • 9 Custom Domains and Payment Gateways
  • Priority Support
  • Additional Training & Courses

This platinum plan is best suited for marketing agencies or if you’ve multiple websites running. With most of the features without limitations, you can harness the power of Clickfunnels at its best and bring a boost to your business.

At last, Clickfunnels offers an exclusive plan called the Two CommaClub, which is only available for selected users.

3. Clickfunnels Two CommaClub Plan – $2,497/month

This is the most expensive plan of Clickfunnels, which is only available to those users who have successfully made more than $1 million worth of sales. With Two CommaClub, you will get access to the following features:

  • Unlimited Funnels, Pages, and Visitors
  • Unlimited Follow-Up Funnels
  • 10 Sub-Users
  • 27 Custom Domains and Payment Gateways
  • VIP Phone Support
  • Additional Training & Courses
  • A Few More Perks

What I Like About Clickfunnels

1. Ease of Use

The best thing about Clickfunnels is that you don’t really need to get any technical experience or coding skills in order to get started with it. All you need is internet access, an email id, and a nice attitude! It doesn’t matter if you are not tech-savvy at all – this software will help you grow your business in the most simplistic way.

Besides easy-to-use tools and integrations, you can find step-by-step guides and tutorials of every feature included in Clickfunnels. It means you can easily understand the software and use it confidently without any help from anyone else or a developer.

2. Powerful Integrations

Clickfunnels is very smartly integrated with some of the most powerful tools existing on the market today. Whether it’s your favorite payment gateway or any email marketing tool, Clickfunnels has got you covered.

It has a long list of connections with popular marketing and productivity applications, ensuring that your company benefits from all available options.

It saves a lot of time and resources for businessmen (and women!) by allowing them to use such integrations directly without having to spend extra time and money on development.

3. Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

The best thing about Clickfunnels is the Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder that allows you to build a high converting sales page in a matter of minutes. There is no need for any coding or design experience – all you have to do is just pick up elements from different sections and drop them where you want on the web page.

In order to help you, Clickfunnels comes with a list of auto-suggested templates with different layouts and designs. You can simply pick one of them and use it as your sales page without doing any changes to it.

The good thing about this Drag & Drop Builder is that you can literally create your landing page within seconds! So, if you are looking for a quick way to build your sales page, Clickfunnels is the solution.

4. Easy to Experiment and Split Test

It’s very easy to split test your sales page with Clickfunnels. Just select the template you want, make a few changes, and then check out how it converts. If the result is not as expected, simply change your template or try different elements on your web pages until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Clickfunnels allows you to play with elements like headlines, colors, backgrounds, fonts, and layouts of your landing page until you get the best possible results.

It is equally easy to split test different elements on your sales funnel (e.g., lead capture form or order form). If you are running a membership site, try experimenting with various plans and price points to see which one pays off.

5. Detailed Analytics and Statistics

Once you have created the perfect landing page, you need to see how well it is performing. With Clickfunnels, you get a number of tools for tracking your success and keeping an eye on your sales funnel all the time.

It provides user-friendly analytics that allows you to see the number of clicks and conversions for every element on your page. No matter if you want to know how many people entered their email id or purchased a product from the sales page, Clickfunnels will help you find out quickly.

Besides analytics, Clickfunnels also provides detailed reports that give you information about your visitors, such as geographic location and browser type.

6. Flexibility

With Clickfunnels, it’s possible to create custom sales pages and funnels if you want. It is not mandatory for you to utilize the pre-existing templates – use your imagination and creativity! If you are selling a service or any other information product, create a funnel that matches with your offer.

It also allows you to do more than just make a sales funnel – you can utilize the platform to build membership sites, launch sequences, webinar pages, purchase forms, and more.

Clickfunnels is available for a 14-day free trial which means that you can test its capabilities without any risk on your part. If you are not satisfied with their features or pricing plans, simply cancel your subscription within this period.

However, it is highly unlikely that you will do this since the platform has everything you need to get started with your online business. Just create a funnel and see how much more money it can make for you!

What I Don’t Like About Clickfunnels

1. Comparatively Expensive

There is no doubt that Clickfunnels is one of the most robust sales funnel tools available. However, it’s also one of the priciest options. They offer you two subscription plans on their homepage – $97/month and $297/month.

Since its launch in 2014, Clickfunnels has grown rapidly and acquired over 15000 satisfied customers. However, the high pricing is a hot topic for debate among its users. Many have criticized Clickfunnels’ cost as being too high for what it offers.

2. Limited Features in Base Plan

Despite being one of the most expensive sales funnel builders, Clickfunnels limits some of its features in the base plan, which I really don’t like. For instance, the $97/month plan only gives you 20 sales funnels and one custom domain where you can create unlimited pages.

If your business needs more than just a few sales funnels, the $297/month plan might be the right choice for you. It gives you 100 funnels, unlimited pages, and priority support.

3. Poor Customer Support

Though Clickfunnels has enhanced its customer support by leaps and bounds, it still has a long way to go. Unlike its competitors (Leadpages, Unbounce), which offer 24/7 chat support, Clickfunnels only provides email support during business hours.

I’ve had trouble with my account twice – once, I couldn’t access the platform at all, and another when my account was suspended. In both cases, I had to wait for a few hours until they responded to my emails. It wasn’t a great experience even at that point since their responses were a bit curt and difficult to understand.

Clickfunnels Review Verdict – Worth the Money?

Though Clickfunnels is one of the priciest options available over the internet, I believe it’s worth the money. It’s a robust tool that lets you do just about anything you want with its hassles.

It provides countless features which are not found in any other funnel builder, allowing you to increase your profits quickly. Plus, you get a 14-day free trial to test it out.

The platform is all about automation, making your work easier, and saving time while building multiple sales funnels for different products or services. The question of whether Clickfunnels is worth its price or not can be answered in one word – yes!

If you are planning to create several sales funnels in the future or looking for a powerful tool to give your business the much-needed push, buy Clickfunnels. If you want to test its capabilities without any risk, get started with their 14-day free trial. That’s all about our Clickfunnels review.

ClickFunnels – Free Trial

ClickFunnels is one of the most powerful sales funnel builders used by millions of entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe. Grab the exclusive 14 days free trial of ClickFunnels and explore its powerful features at its best.

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Clickfunnels FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques: Is ClickFunnels Legit?

Yes, ClickFunnels is legit and works very well. You can rest assured that everything is safe with them. They won’t compromise on the quality of their funnel templates or the features they offer you to maximize your revenue.

Ques: Is ClickFunnels a Pyramid Scheme?

No, ClickFunnels is not a pyramid scheme. They are legit and offer you the best services they possibly can. You don’t have to pay them anything if you choose not to upgrade your account or purchase any of their other products.

Ques: Is There a Free ClickFunnels Plan?

No, they don’t have any free plan, but they do offer a 14-day free trial that allows you to access all their features without paying anything. However, you can only use up to 20 funnels and 3 pages in this time period. Furthermore, there are some limitations when testing the platform, including survey creation and order processing.