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Bringing Persistent Storage to Docker

Docker Persistent Storage

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1 Your container accesses a replicated Infinit storage pool.

2 A node crashes.

3 A newly instanced container can still access your storage as before.

Our Docker Projects

Infinit Docker Volume Plugin

Docker Volume Plugin

Infinit's Docker volume plugin makes it easy to mount and manage Infinit volumes using Docker.

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Infinit Docker Volume Plugin

Hyperconvergent Swarm


Aggregates the local storage of each Docker Swarm node and provides a shared volume that can be mounted by any Docker service.

More projects to come...

More projects to come...

Scale your storage according to your needs

Hyper-scalable architecture

Best for Operators

Gives the administrator complete control to scale components independently as needed.

Hyper-convergent architecture Docker

Hyper-convergent architecture

Best for Developers

Storage is scaled with networking and compute resources in the application cluster (e.g. Docker Swarm) offering simplicity over control.

Hyper-convergent architecture Docker