Summers in Paris always arrive quickly. And when they do, more than 2 million Parisians come out of hibernation in droves and flood the streets, parks, terraces and public squares.

Paris reborn

Like in most major European cities, summer elicits signs of life through the revival of street murals by the world’s greatest street artists, public screenings of some of the newest independent films, and of course, a wide variety of music. Art simply comes alive.

At Infinit, we support local art and musical talent, not least because many of you, our users, are yourselves creators. This summer we’ve been engaging, more than before, with our community and local organizations to promote local musicians in Paris.

Infinit meet Sofar

This summer, Infinit has partnered with Sofar Sounds to host a series of concerts at Infinit. London-based Sofar Sounds, and the Paris team, headed by Alex, has been organizing concerts in homes and other private venues for years, creating a totally new concert-going experience.

Infinit recently hosted its second Sofar concert. More than 100 people meet at Infinit to watch 3 talented musicians play original, live music in a cozy, but the hot venue. Infinit’s luminous space lent itself well to a twilight hour that made its contribution to the evening’s ambiance.

Djeuhdhoah & Lieutenant Nicholsan

For more than 2 hours, our guests rocked the 3rd floor of our 11th arrondissement office with sounds as diverse as Djeuhdhoah & Lieutenant Nicholsan’s fusion of African sounds with jazz and After Rafael’s heavenly acoustics to the harmonious female vocals of This is The Kit.

After Rafael

Thanks to Alex and the Sofar team for their organization. Thanks to the artists that contribute their time and musical talent. Thanks to the fans that support local musicians and spread the word about our city’s art and culture.