Increase your revenue and user retention

Integrate a cloud file storage solution in order to create additional value to existing subscriptions.

Infinit Cloud Solutions

The Infinit Cloud Solutions provide software developers, device manufacturers and network operators with a complete suite of secure infrastructure, APIs and end-user applications that enable you to offer file storage, sharing, backup and collaboration within your suite of existing services.

Infinit Cloud API

A set of development components that enables any business to create a file storage service on top of any object storage API, being proprietary or public like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

On top of this infrastructure can be built specific user applications (desktop, mobile and/or Web). Alternatively, the Infinit Cloud Drive and Infinit Cloud Apps can be used to benefit from production-ready applications that can be customized according to your brand.

Infinit Cloud Drive

A low-level virtual disk drive that can be custom branded to provide your clients with a natural way to store and access their files from anywhere.

Through the Infinit Cloud Drive, users have the impression to access the files as if they were stored locally, providing a perfect “as usual” experience.

Infinit Cloud Apps

A complete set of white label applications for desktop (MacOS X, Windows and Linux) and mobile (iOS and Android).

Through these applications, any business has the means to provide their users with a perfect cloud storage experience without the cost and complexity of building such applications in house.

Maintain Competivity

Increase your market share by developing additional high-value services.

Increase Loyalty

Retain users on your services by providing file storage, access and sharing from within your services.

Diversify Revenue

Add file storage subscriptions within existing offerings or as an add-on service.

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